I am very happy to accept commissions to design and engrave a personal bookplate.I will also print editions of up to 500 bookplates in a Victorian handpress or arrange for larger quantities to be made by a skilled printer. Here are the main points to consider:


I am willing to consider almost any subject. My gallery of bookplates shows a variety of topics. A glance will give an idea of the wide variety of subjects that I have tackled. Please feel free to contact me with your ideas.


The design process will usually start with an emailed conversation to work out the size and subjects of the bookplate. I will produce a number of sketched drawings and then, after further consultation, I will make a final design drawing for your approval.

Ownership of the Block

I normally retain ownership of the engraved block. If you wish to purchase the block, please make this clear when you are commissioning the plate

Your Bookplates

All of your bookplates will be original prints from the engraved woodblock. I can comfortably print up to about five hundred bookplates by hand. You will also receive some signed proofs on larger paper- these are suitable for framing or gifts.. You may also purchase some or all of the original drawings that I make.


Your bookplate will usually be engraved on English boxwood. This allows me to engrave in great detail and also makes very good printed impressions. I normally use black ink but can consider printing in another colour if you prefer. I usually print on Zerkall mould made paper. This is a good archival paper that takes a strong impression from the wood. Please note that this is not gummed paper. The plates do need to be pasted into books - instructions are given here.

How Long Will It Take To Make My Bookplate?

There is now a huge demand for my work and there is always a waiting list for bookplates. There is nothing that I do that can be rushed.

How Much Will My Bookplate Cost?

This depends on the size of the block, the complexity of the engraving and the number of bookplates required. A modest bookplate in small quantities is relatively inexpensive.

When you contact me initially, I will link you to a page which answers the most frequently asked questions, including the exact cost.

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