Bookplate Publications

Bookplates have always fascinated me and, from the start, they became an important part of my career in wood engraving. Here are some publications that include my work:

Contemporary International Ex-Libris Artists 3     Portugal (2004) This is an illustrated account of my first eleven bookplates by Brian North-Lee.

Mitteilungen Der Osterreichischen Exlibris-Gesellschaft No. 3    Austria (2005)

L'Ex-Libris Francais No. 236    France (2006)

Twenty Five Bookplates     Oak Apple Press (2007) This is a selection of my bookplates printed from the blocks, together with a checklist. Oak Apple Press was a short lived imprint for this publication - I soon re-adopted Isle Handpress.

Centurion Magazine     Hong Kong (2008)

East Anglian Bookplates     Bookplate Society (2009)

Contemporary International Ex-Libris Artists 20     Portugal (2015) This was my own account of my work, including eleven illustration - one of which was an original print tipped in. This publication included a checklist of my first 101 bookplates.