My Studio

My printing studio is a converted garage. It is small compared to most workshops but I am usually the only person working there.

My presses include:

An Improved Albion handpress made by T. Matthews & Sons of London in 1902. Its distinctive paintwork led to the nickname "Red".

An Improved Albion handpress made in 1865. I bought this in pieces and it worked well as soon as it was set up correctly. A few new parts have been added over the years to make it easier to use. Having two handpresses allows be to have one printing an edition, while the other is used for proofing new work.

A Vandercook No. 0 Proofing Press, which is handy for printing from type and used for both small books and broadsides.

In addition, there are ceiling mounted print-drying racks which allow me to dry 100 prints..

The paper storage chest is homemade, and holds my remaining stock of Zerkall printing paper, together with marbled and paste papers for binding.

An inking table with thick glass slab.

An archive for my blocks (stored on their sides).